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We're Committed to Greener Printing and a Greener Planet

"Our mission is to connect eco-friendly consumers with eco-friendly printers. We want to educate people on the benefits of printing carbon neutral and neutralize print industry carbon emissions - one print job at a time."

Looking for a green printing company?

CNPP provides printing companies a way to give back to the environment by offsetting their carbon footprint. Learn how it works and find a CNPP approved printer!

Are you a printer interested in “going green”?

Become CNPP approved!  We help you understand the process of carbon offsetting and provide you with the resources needed to print carbon neutral. Its green for the environment and good for business!


  • May 21

    While the majority people have different ideas of what it means to be ‘green’, most agree on the importance of eco-responsibility.  A growing push from consumers for environmentally conscious products has driven businesses in all industries to develop smarter ways of thinking.  While some companies go to great lengths to limit their impact on the environment, other businesses....

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  • Apr 30

    Arbor Day in the print industry means more than just appreciating trees. It is a reminder to be thankful for an important resource…trees!  In an industry that relies on trees to sustain itself...

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  • Apr 21

    For a company like TerraPass, Earth Day is more than a birthday or just one special day to celebrate. Personally, I don’t believe Earth Day is the only day to celebrate or practice green habits.  Earth Day is a day to notice what is around us and do our best to make small changes that will last the whole year.  Earth Day should be treated like New Year for the Earth.  The biggest lesson I have learned working for TerraPass, is that small changes make a big difference for your wallet, for your business and for the environment.

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